Learn how Coolscuplting has helped thousands of people, men and women,  literally freeze fat away safely without any harmful side effects to permanently get rid of that stubborn, hard to loose body fat and regain their ideal body shape.

Join Dr. Jeff Roush for A FREE Educational Talk on this revolutionary, permanent, body sculpting solution:


Coolsculpting … The Cool, Clever & Safe Way to Eliminate Stubborn Body Fat Forever

“I only offer this solution to my patients because I have done the research, seen results and know its 100% safe.” Dr. Roush



In this 1 hour talk you will learn:

  • Why some body fat is stubborn and hard to get rid of with just dieting or exercise!
  • What causes both men and women have specific stubborn body fat
  • How Coolsculpting has helped thousands of people achieve their ideal body shape without drugs or diets
  • Why and how Coolsculpting works as a “Forever” solution
  • Understand how much easier this procedure is than surgery … yes it’s cold! … But it’s easy!
  • Why there is NO down time after treatments
  • How affordable this treatment is when compared surgery.
  • How many treatments you might need to rid yourself of that stubborn last bit of body fat and have a shape you love.

Cost: FREE

Date: Thursday, September 12th

Time: 12:15-1:15pm

Location: Core Wellness clinic (33 Neill Ave, Livery Square Building, Helena)

Space is limited.

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