IV Therapies.

We commonly think of intravenous therapies as something used only in seriously ill hospitalized patients. In practice, however, they can promote health in many outpatient conditions. Natural Medicine Plus takes all appropriate precautions to keep you safe in his use of these therapies.

Intravenous micronutrient therapy (IVMT) is an excellent means of addressing many acute and chronic illnesses. Whether simply replacing deficient nutrients, detoxifying the body, or improving immune function against infection, IVMT is a valuable tool.

High Dose Vitamin C.

This therapy is excellent for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, pre and post oral surgery, some cancers, Hepatitis C, AIDS, wound healing, and strokes.

Amino Acids and Basic Nutrition.

This therapy is excellent for debilitated patients with wasting-type conditions or a need for support in healing such as severe intestinal conditions, cancer, post-operative or post-hemorrhagic situations.

Immune Support.

A variety of IVs (1.5 to 3 hours) or pushes (20-30 minutes) can be used for immune system support, such as Meyer’s Cocktail and Super Vitamin C pushes. Hydrochloric acid is also used intravenously because it stimulates immune function with viral and bacterial illness.

Antioxidant Support.

Conditions from peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain in the extremities) to diabetes respond well to infusions of an antioxidant called Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Research done at Mayo Clinic has supported the use of this nutrient in the treatment of this condition.

Migraine Headaches.

The Meyer’s Cocktail, vitamins and minerals, is especially helpful in alleviating migraine headaches (usually before someone leaves the office).