Kids Care.

Kids come in all shapes and sizes as do their health concerns. The thing kids have in common is that they respond even better than adults to naturopathic therapies. Their inherent healing systems are not damaged by alcohol, years of stress and lack of exercise. Even behavioral problems can be addressed by diet changes and surprisingly kids can do better with consistency in these changes than adults do.

We are ready to assist in a multitude of ways.

We are trained to provider naturopathic primary care services which include performing well child exams, treating acute and chronic ailments. We utilize special testing like food sensitivity testing and nutritional evaluations when needed to get a deeper causes of problems.

We work with teenagers on their issues in puberty and emerging sexuality. We spend time to assess lifestyle, family influences and environmental factors that might be influencing your child’s health including: diet, sleep, stress, allergies, environmental toxicities and nutritional deficiencies. We use an array of treatment strategies really geared to address underlying problems and choosing the least invasive and less toxic therapies including dietary strategies, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

At Core Wellness, we know when more aggressive therapies may be needed and will educate you about choices. When necessary, we help you with referral to specialists and continue to integrate our care in the best interest of your child.