Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management.

Core Wellness offers an array of solutions to help resolve your acute and chronic pain. Conditions for which patients have found relief include: low back pain, headaches, neck tension, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist and ankle problems, and even conditions like fibromyalgia.

We work with women who have menstrual pain. We also will address musculo-skeletal pain and fibromyalgia especially when they are hormone related.

Ask our doctors for a conversation about which therapy would be right for you.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

Regenerating and healing an injured body part like joint, ligament or tendon, is the new wave of medicine. Harnessing the power of your own cells is a novel and effective way of doing that.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) is an innovative way of unleashing your bodies own healing mechanisms. The process is quite simple. We draw your blood and isolate the small cells called platelets. These cells contain chemical messengers that call upon your bodies own healing mechanisms.  When injected into a site of injury, they direct a healing response that can get you back living life again, pain free.


Injuries and pains that don’t heal spontaneously are not just annoying, they also lead to accommodation in the musculoskeletal structure that causes other parts to become weaker and more injury prone. Prolozone can help not only with immediate discomfort, but can help ensure long term function.

Prolozone is an injection technique for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. It works by stimulating the body’s inherent mechanisms for healing. Specifically, it stimulates the growth of new connective tissue which strengthens weakened tendons and ligaments. This in turn, stabilizes chronically injured joints.

Prolozone can be used to treat any joint in the body. It can restore joint integrity and relieve pain. Examples of its use include pain from sciatica, disc problems, low back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain such as osteoarthritis or meniscus damage, wrist pain and ankle pain. Simply, any overuse injury can be addressed by prolotherapy.

Prolozone is the injection of liquid nutrients (typically local anesthetic, B vitamins, dextrose, water, and many times an anti-inflammatory agent) followed by ozone gas into injured or non-healing tissues (ligaments, tendons, joints).

Because prolozone stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism, the process of healing is gradual and often requires more than one treatment. While each person’s situation is different, a typically course of prolozone requires 4-6 treatments. Each treatment being spaced by 3-4 weeks. This time interval allows the natural healing process, stimulated by the injection, to run its course.


Like prolozone, prolotherapy stimulates the healing of injured tissues. However, unlike prolozone, prolotherapy strengthens ligaments and tendons that have been injured.

The mechanism by which prolotherapy works is analogous to spot welding. It stimulates the body’s immune system to lay down new tissue thus reinforcing unstable joints.

Prolotherapy is many times used in conjunction with prolozone depending on the extent and type of problem.

Call Dr. Roush for a conversation about this therapy. He can help you understand how it might apply to your situation and answer any questions you might have.

Neuromuscular Re-Education (NMR).

NMR is a deep tissue technique which lengthens tight muscles, thus improving range of motion and decreasing pain. This treatment is useful for chronic headaches and all sorts of muscle pains, especially as the result of sports related injuries or accidents. NMR can be done as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with joint manipulation.

Joint manipulation.

Dr. Roush is skilled and licensed to perform joint manipulation, similar to chiropractic manipulation. This is a painless process that allows joints which are “stuck” or “subluxed” to be moved gently back into place thus reducing pain and tension. Common problems for which this type of treatment can be helpful include neck and back pain.

Trigger point therapy.

Typically used in conjunction with other therapies, trigger point treatment resolves pain associated with chronic muscle pain and tension. It helps treats the deep knots in muscles that are not helped with simple stretching or massage.

Hormone therapy.

Chronic pain can be lessened when your hormones are in balance. Elevated estrogen, depleted progesterone or lowered testosterone can all lead to chronic pain and inflammation. Also, abnormal thyroid and adrenal function lead to wide spread muscle pain and fatigue. Getting your hormones regulated may be the first step in leading a pain free life.


While pain may be the result of many problems, adequate nutrition and supplementation can be of great benefit in promoting and maintaining pain free living. Inflammation can be the result of over consumption of processed foods, poor fats, refined carbohydrates and food sensitivities. Dr. Roush can help you learn what foods might be aggravating your problem and determine how to best optimize your diet to improve your health.