New nurse practitioner brings experience, excitement to Core Wellness in Helena.

New nurse practitioner brings experience, excitement to Core Wellness in Helena.

Hailey Seedall, APRN, Core Wellness Helena MT

Core Wellness Functional and Integrative Medicine has been helping to keep Helena residents healthy and thriving with a balanced and holistic approach to wellness.

“People are starting to get tired in some ways of the reductionistic approach to medicine where everyone is a subspecialist,” says Jeff Roush, Naturopathic Physician, owner and medical director of Core Wellness. “I think they are looking for an opportunity for someone to look at them as a whole person, spend time with them and create an individualized treatment plan for them.”

To that end, the team is excited to welcome certified nurse practitioner Hailey Seedall to the practice. Seedall specializes in women’s healthcare and is nationally certified as a menopause provider — making her a perfect fit at Core Wellness. “We do a ton of work with women between the ages of 30 and 60,” says Dr. Roush. “Hailey and I have very similar training in women’s health and hormones and menopause. A lot of our thinking and education is aligned with each other.”

In addition to her certification as a menopause care provider, Seedall is also trained in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. “Hormones have always fascinated me, especially in women,” says Seedall. “This is another factor that played a role in my desire to work for Core Wellness. Hormones play a huge role in a person’s quality of life. Hormonal therapy treatment plans must be tailored to the specific needs of the patient, which Core Wellness takes the time to do.”

While hormone replacement therapy can be used to reduce the severity of symptoms for women going through menopause, recent research also suggests that if initiated at the right time, HRT can lower heart attack and stroke risk later in life. But the key is finding the perfect modality and dose for each patient, which Seedall is trained to do.

Seedall was drawn to the chance to provide effective, individualized care to patients. “I remember a moment when I was working as a labor and delivery nurse, and my instructor for school, as well as this patient’s midwife, sat on the bed of this struggling young first-time mom for over an hour educating her on all the different ways to help manage her feelings, symptoms, and what to expect in the weeks ahead,” she says. “It taught me the importance of individualized care. The change in this patient’s countenance was one I would never forget.”

Seedall received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Before working in private practice, she worked as a floor nurse in labor and delivery and in both adult and pediatric mental health. Core Wellness offers primary care for patients of all ages, as well as care for chronic illnesses like thyroid disease, gastrointestinal issues and acute illnesses like sinus infections. For more information, visit

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